FO: Peplum Top

Pattern: New Look 6196, view B, in size 12


  • 1-5/8 yd. 45″ cotton: white and black flowers
  • (1) 20″ white invisible zipper
  • Hook and eye
  • 5/8″ yd. 20″ fusible interfacing

This top was a bit interesting. Perhaps I could have chosen something a bit simpler for my first project, but since I had my mom helping me, I didn’t think it would be that bad. Gathering is way harder than I imagined it would be. It’s not hard in concept, but in practice, I have a hard time getting everything even. Because of this, the front of the bodice portion of the top came out very wonky on the first try. Mom tore the seam out and evened it out because apparently I just don’t have the eye for this. basic stitch | New Look 6196 Peplum Top Another reason the top looked so wonky is because the sizing on patterns is ridiculous. I measured myself and determined I’m a size 12 in pattern sizes. But I put it on and it was huge! I ended up taking the sides in so that it will fit me better, so it’s probably closer to a size 10. I figure if it doesn’t fit, I won’t wear it, and that defeats the purpose of sewing your own clothes! The main reason it took me so long to finish this one is because I left my hooks and eyes at my parents’ house. It’s been hanging in my closet, waiting for that finishing touch for a couple of weeks now. Without further ado, the final product! basic stitch | New Look 6196 Peplum Top

basic stitch | New Look 6196 Peplum Top
360° view!

basic stitch | New Look 6196 Peplum Top

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