Cross-back dress

The moment I saw Simplicity 1373, I knew I needed to make it, but I also knew that it would make an amazing dress. So, I started planning. I bought a few yards of Cotton + Steel August Stampede in Navy, and got to work.

basic stitch | cross-back dress [simplicity 1373]

I made my own bias tape for this project, for the first time in my sewing career, and it was surprisingly easy and fun. I felt it was a nice touch for this dress, especially considering how much bias tape I needed to use. I always think that the store-bought stuff is scratchy, so I don’t feel compelled to use it (even when I should), so knowing how easy it is to make my own is great!

basic stitch | cross-back dress [simplicity 1373]

I also modified this shirt pattern into a dress. It was really quite simple, I just traced the peplum pattern pieces and extended them down to about my knee. I think I added about 11″ in length to make it into a skirt. I also used a longer zipper than the pattern calls for, to make it easier to get on.

From there it was really quite straightforward. I got a bit tripped up with all the bias tape a few times, but I caught up and finished strong. I did a few adjustments once everything was done to make it fit me better, including taking in the straps about 2″ at the top of the shoulder, and about 1.5″ on the top side connection. I will try to accommodate for this from the beginning next time I make this pattern.

basic stitch | cross-back dress [simplicity 1373]basic stitch | cross-back dress [simplicity 1373]

Yes, I plan on making it again. It’s a very cute top (or dress, as the case may be), and it was fairly straightforward, and I can see myself wearing this a lot over the summer. I brought it to Arizona with me to get a chance to wear it while it’s still a bit too cold in NC.



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