Refuse to Sink – Ohhh Lulu Zooey Bikini

In the throes of summer sewing, I thought I might need to make the most summer apparel of them all: a swim suit. I had initially thought about making a bikini Watson set, since it would really just require different fabric and elastic, but I decided to go for something that looked like a more “traditional” bikini (what does that even mean?).

basic stitch | Ohhh Lulu Zooey Bikini

I bought some anchor fabric very impulsively one day, knowing it was destined to be a swim suit but with no plans beyond that. I stumbled upon the Ohhh Lulu Zooey Bikini Pattern. This was precisely what I was looking for. I bought the PDF on etsy and I bought elastic and clasps and contrast fabric and then waited quite impatiently for everything to arrive (I even started cutting before everything got here).

basic stitch | Ohhh Lulu Zooey Bikini
I only made a couple of changes to this pattern. I added foam cups to the cups to make myself more comfortable and took in the bottoms about an inch on each side. The top fits nicely, and I have to say I’m a big fan of the construction techniques used in the Ohhh Lulu bottoms patterns — hooray for no exposed seams in the gusset! basic stitch | Ohhh Lulu Zooey Bikini
So far, I’ve worn this out to the pool twice. I swam both times, and the bikini held up great. Maybe next time I’ll go a size down in the bottoms, since I’m oddly between sizes it seems. I am also entertaining plans to perhaps make a bottom using the Ohhh Lulu Nora Panties pattern, using the contrast pink as the ties for the sides. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂basic stitch | Ohhh Lulu Zooey Bikini


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